Natasha Baker To Speak At The 2021 Sexual Harassment In Education Conference

On January 29 – January 30, 2021, The University of California Berkeley, School of Law will be hosting virtually its 2021 Sexual Harassment in Education Conference. Formed in 2017, the Berkeley Center’s Sexual Harassment and Violence Working Group has held annual international conferences (2018-2020) on sexual harassment law, written a book on The Global #MeToo Movement, and is now developing toolkits on workplace harassment investigations and other practical materials.

Natasha Baker and a group of panelists will be speaking on “The Latest In Title IX Investigations, Including Navigating The Intersection Of Race and Gender” on January 29th, 2021 at 11:00am PT. Natasha and the group of panelists will cover the recent legal developments impacting investigations conducted pursuant to Title IX and the intersection of race and gender during investigations, fact finding and decision-making. They will also be covering an investigator’s awareness and response to explicit and inherent bias.

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