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Client Forward

Novus means always moving forward for and with our clients.

We are always looking for opportunities to create successful outcomes today and into the future.

Client First

Novus means building our practice around clients’ needs first.

We are committed to client-focused innovation, embracing technology and alternative billing practices to better serve our clients.

Client Focused

Novus means being focused on our clients’ needs from their perspective.

We are engaged thought leaders in our areas of expertise and our counsel is informed as much by developments in society as in the law.

As fearless thinkers, we advise our clients (institutions of higher education and California private sector employers) in the areas where we have significant depth of legal and practical knowledge:

  • California & Federal Employment (Advice, Policy Work, and Training)
  • Faculty Labor Relations
  • Higher Education Governance
  • High-Level Internal Investigations
  • Strategic Partnerships and Mergers in Higher Education
  • Student Affairs (Advice, Policy Work, and Training)

As problem solvers, we are not satisfied with an answer that does not work for our clients. We leverage legal technology solutions and consortium-based approaches to help efficiently address the escalating legal issues that our clients are facing. We collaborate with policymakers, other law firms, and industry associations to get the best, most cost-effective results for our clients.  

As engaged community members, we believe in better, more equitable working and educational environments. We help clients who want to lawfully implement pay equity, effective labor relations, diversity and inclusivity goals, sexual harassment mitigation techniques, and other best practices. 


1. (novae res, f. pl. = revolution)
2. new, fresh
3. unusual, extraordinary

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Novus Welcomes Jesse Andrews, PHR to Our Team!

Novus Law Firm, Inc. is excited to announce that Jesse Andrews, PHR, has joined the firm as Novus’s Director of Training and Human Resources Support Programs. Jesse will focus on developing and delivering external-facing training programs to firm clients and...

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Novus is Celebrating Three Years — and a Move to Sacramento!

Novus is Celebrating Three Years — and a Move to Sacramento!

Today Novus celebrates three years of service to our wonderful clients and collaboration with leading organizations and individuals in our practice areas. We are so grateful for each and every one of you! Novus is also celebrating our office's move to Sacramento. We...

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