In keeping with our client centered mission, Novus is pleased to offer a diverse range of training programs to equip our clients with the tools they need to develop and maintain effective and inclusive workplaces in an ever-changing employment landscape.

Novus trainings provide subject matter expertise and practical guidance on a range of topics – from fundamentals to analysis and impacts of trending issues, pending legislation, and new case law.

Our programs place a premium on user engagement and interaction, utilizing case studies and the flipped classroom model to drive learning outcomes.

Please contact with any questions regarding Novus’s training programs.

Novus Law Firm Trainings
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Novus Introductory Series

This four-module series focuses on a variety of issues ranging from best practices in hiring and management to a baseline understanding of prevailing employment laws, including wage and hour laws.

The Novus Introductory Series is geared toward those who are new to human resources, management, or employee relations or those seeking to refamiliarize themselves with best practices.

Led by experienced human resources professionals and attorneys, the Novus Introductory Series strives to provide the information needed to develop core best practice knowledge and an understanding of key issues in human resources, employee management, and employee relations.

Novus Introductory Series trainings are available individually per module or as a complete series package.

Novus Advanced Issues Series

This five-module series begins with one module on workplace investigations and one module on advanced issues in hiring before pivoting to two separate tracks, each focused on complex employment-related issues specific to either higher education or hospitality.

The remaining three modules following either a Higher Education Track or Hospitality Track. Both tracks utilize case studies to direct the discussion and analysis of the topics.

The Novus Advanced Issues Series is geared toward experienced managers or supervisors and employee relations professionals.

Novus Advanced Issues Series trainings are available individually per module or as a complete series package.

Novus Advanced Issues Series – Higher Education Track
Key issues explored in the Higher Education Track include:

  • disability accommodations
  • labor law compliance with a particular focus on law relevant to the higher education workforce, such as employment of adjunct faculty
  • responding to allegations of sexual harassment under Title IX and related laws

Novus Advanced Issues Series – Hospitality Track
Key issues explored in the Hospitality Track include:

  • disability accommodations
  • compliance with labor laws, including advanced wage and hour issues, such as split shifts
  • responding to allegations of sexual harassment under FEHA
Novus Specialty Trainings

In addition to Novus Introductory Series and Novus Advanced Issues Series programming, Novus offers trainings on the latest topics and trends in employment law. Our library of specialty trainings is updated regularly.

Current offerings include:

  • Managing External Investigators
  • California Labor Code Bootcamp
  • The Intersection of Title IX, SB 493, and FEHA
Customized Trainings

Novus is happy to work with clients to develop customized trainings to meet the unique needs of their organizations. Please contact to set up a consultation to discuss the development of a training that meets your specific needs.