NACUA Spring CLE Workshop: Higher Education Employment Law

Upcoming Events

Natasha J Baker with Novus Law Firm will be conducting 2 sessions on March 30th:

  • Post-COVID Future of the Workforce: The Regulatory Environment 8:30am to 9:45am
  • Employee Benefits Update: Recent Developments and Anticipated Changes 10:00am to 11:15am

Faced with the “Great Resignation,” remote work arrangements, demographic shifts, regulatory changes, and other unanticipated employment trends due to the COVID-19 pandemic, college and university leaders must confront the question of how to recalibrate work expectations, consistent with institutional mission and law, as part of short and long-term strategic initiatives.

This year’s Employment Law Workshop, which will take place in-person in Indianapolis, Indiana, will explore emerging trends and related changes in the law that can help college and university counsel, in concert with institutional leaders, navigate this seismic shift. In addition to exploring recent trends and changes, the Workshop will also highlight legal developments in some of the more standard areas of employment law practice.

Session topics will include:

  • The future of a post-COVID workforce amidst regulatory changes;
  • Campus DEI initiatives related to recruitment, hiring, and retention and other matters that explore anti-discrimination laws in the employment context;
  • Unique employment relationships, such as dual employment, joint employment, unionized employees, and other tailored employment relationships;
  • Issues related to faculty, staff, law enforcement employees, and other specific appointments; and
    Student employment and unionization, especially in light of recent changes that question whether student athletes should be classified as employees and related changes that allow student athletes to profit from the use of their name, image, and likeness.
    In addition to panel sessions, registrants can learn from colleagues through discussion groups, where attendees will have the opportunity to discuss high profile employee contracts, accommodations and leave, employee mental health, public relations crises, background checks, and more.

Who Should Attend?
This is an advanced level program. Presenters presume attendees have some familiarity and experience with employment law. The workshop is directed to college and university counsel with responsibility for employment law matters, as well as campus administrators with significant responsibilities related to employment law, personnel, and human resources.