Training Series

Advanced Series: Higher Education Track

Advanced Series of all 5 Higher Education Trainings together.


Advanced Series: Best Practices in Workplace Investigations

Advanced Series: Best Practices in Workplace Investigations will provide an understanding of the importance of conducting workplace investigations, best practices and tips for conducting investigations, and guidance on how to avoid common and costly mistakes during an investigation.

Advanced Series: Achieving Diversity in Hiring

As part of the Advanced Series, Achieving Diversity in Hiring will provide participants with essential knowledge and skills for developing and implementing a diverse hiring plan that is in line with the organization's mission. The training will focus on practical tips and strategies that participants can implement in their recruitment processes to attract and hire a diverse pool of candidates.

Advanced Series: Advanced Disability Accommodations Issues in Higher Education

This Advanced Series training will examine complex situations involving requests for reasonable accommodations and the interactive process. Further, this training will help define the role different individuals and departments should have in implementing your policies and procedures for accommodation requests.

Advanced Series: Response to Sexual Harassment in Higher Education

This training, as part of the higher education track in the Advanced Series will explore issues surrounding the response to sexual harassment in higher education. Attendees will gain insights on the scale and scope of sexual harassment within higher education, actionable tips on how to implement a process for responding to reports of sexual harassment, and how to develop a supportive and impartial process.

Advanced Series: Advanced Wage and Hour Issues in Higher Education

Advanced Series training will take a closer look at wage and hour issues in higher education. With a wide variety of employee types and responsibilities, this training will explore classifications under the FLSA for faculty, coaches, and student employees. Further, attendees in this session will gain insight into alternative forms of compensation, such as compensatory time, room & board, and course credit, as well as ongoing issues around defining who even is an employee at an institution.