Novus Law Firm & FortneyScott’s Webinar: Labor And Employment Update For Higher Education: What To Expect Under The Biden/Harris Administration

On Thursday January 14th at 11:00 am PST/2:00 pm EST, Novus Law Firm and FortneyScott continued their series of webinars where they discussed the potential labor and employment law changes that colleges and universities are likely to see under the Biden/Harris Administration.

Natasha Baker, Elizabeth Bradley, and David S. Fortney kicked off this series with an overview of the anticipated Biden/Harris Administration labor and employment priorities and initiatives. The panelists provided a detailed discussion of the heightened focus on faculty and staff wage gaps and internal pay equity issues. The panelists left the attendees with new strategies and steps that their institutions can take to address these issues preemptively.

Each month, the panelists will continue the discussion with the following sessions:

February 18: Campus Labor Relations – Developing Issues
March 18: Using Lawful Race Conscious Practices in Admissions, Employment, and Other Institutional Decision-Making
April 18: Biden Administration Update -What We Have Learned After the First Three Months
About Novus Law Firm and FortneyScott:

FortneyScott is based in our nation’s capital, and we are staying on top of the rapid developments relating to the coronavirus.  We are continuing to advise our clients and to assist the Higher Education and the general employer community in successfully addressing the COVID-19 pandemic challenges that employers are facing.

Novus Law Firm is a San Francisco Bay Area firm whose practice uses technology to deliver efficient legal services.  We advise and train our clients (institutions of higher education and California employers) in the areas where we have significant depth of legal and practical knowledge: California & Federal Employment Law; Faculty Labor Relations; Governance; Internal Investigations; Strategic Partnerships/Mergers in Higher Education; and Student Affairs.